Simcoon is a C++ library with emphasis on speed and ease-of-use. Its principle focus is to provide tools to facilitate the implementation of up-to-date constitutive model for materials in Finite Element Analysis Packages. This is done by providing a C++ API to generate user material subroutine based on a library of functions. Also, Simcoon provides tools to analyse the behavior of material, considering loading at the material point level.

  • Simcoon consists in an Application Programming Interface (API) developped in C++ and exposed in Python.

  • It relies on the high quality linear algebra library C++ library Armadillo. This provides a perfect balance between speed and ease of use

  • It can be used as a standalone solver tool for the numerical simulation of material‚Äôs thermomechanical response, or coupled to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) packages for the simulation of complex structures

  • Provide efficient material constitutive law for anisotropic elasticity, plasticity, visco√©lasticity, phase transformation

Coupled constitutive models micromechanial (Mori-Tanaka) scheme for the analysis of composites response Digital Image Correlation - multiaxial strain field
Main features of the simcoon library Constitutive models, Multi-scale models, and Identification and analyses.